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SchurchA and Paul Archibong

Here in Schurch-A we Just don't answer the name for fun, we answer this name with success, Victory and we are capable to carry on any tasks that may come our way. schurch-A in service means commitment, equity, stability and efficientcy. We are commited to carry out your Job to any standard provided you stand with us and give us your support. We are not only seeing in the engineering field, but also in other fields like : outdoor advertising and Display, Hotels staff Training and Security  and many more - Why not try Us today and see how we are going to make your business grow.



What is Schurch-A stand for

You might be wondering why it is call Schurch-A, sounding like a Place/ tent where christians garthered to worship God, yes! but in this case there is a slide different as we know this is technology firm. The secret behind this name can not be unfold, but will be given only one meaning for this time bieng. Schurch - A is carved from the formal Affpa white Technologies which founded in 2002 and later change it name to Schurcha owning to some reasons and changes in the present  admosphere.


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Getting involve matters and this will take you where you have never been before.

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